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Meet Our Girls

Luna Petunia

Melody Enchanted

Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario

Luna is our very smart, energetic, and loving F1 Goldendoodle. She has the kindest eyes that shows that she cares and just gets us. She loves playing fetch in the yard and rough-housing with the other dogs. She is definitely the pack leader. However, she is super easygoing and cooperative.

Genetics: BB, ee, KbKy, ata, SS, Clear

7/10 Red Intensity


Weight: 55lbs

Melody is our dark red CKC registered, small standard poodle. She has a "don't treat me like I'm small" attitude with the others. She is friendly and smart and very good with the kids. She is a very calm companion.


Genetics: ee, BB, KbKb, atat, SSp,

8/10 Red Intensity


Weight: 37lbs

Lola Angel

Nessa Grace

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale

Lola is a very sweet and sassy blue merle phantom F1 Goldendoodle. She is so smart, learning to "play dead" and "say your prayers" with her Guardian Family. She is lots of fun and loves to goof and cuddle. Lola absolutely loves the snow and will spend hours outdoors. Lola will hopefully have her first litter in the summer 2024, sired by our beautiful Mojo.

Genetics: Ee, BB, KyKy, ata, SS, Clear

OFA prelimbs: Hips score GOOD. 

Weight: 53lbs

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale

Nessa lives with her older goldendoodle and kitty sisters and with her human guardian Mom. We are so excited about her addition to our program. She is a stunning brown abstract merle F1b goldendoodle. She is a very chill, old soul and is very easy to train. She has already accompanied her adventurous family on their sail boat, kayak, and even the city bus; a very well mannered puppy, I'd say!

Genetics: Ee, bb, KbKb, atat, SSp, FF, +/-

OFA: Will be done after 1 year of age. Hopeful for a spring 2025 litter.

Anticipated Weight: 35-40lbs

In Memory of


"Syd the kid" was our original F1b Goldendoodle that purred when he was scratched and rubbed. Have you ever heard a dog purr?

Sydney was our old fellah. His age had helped me remember what anniversary we were at because we got him just after our wedding. He was our very handsome F1b Goldendoodle. He was the most amazing dog and one of the inspirations behind the program. We are so enamored with the goldendoodle breed that we wanted to help others attain as much enjoyment from their family companion as we have.

Sydney recently passed away in April 2023.
He will forever be in our hearts.

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
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