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Puppy Purchase Agreement

      We are thrilled that you have decided to purchase a puppy from us. This contract is designed for the protection of both the Buyer and the Breeder, Boreal Puppies; the priority is to protect the health, well-being, and best interests of the puppy.

      We hope you will take advantage of all of the resources and learning opportunities made available to you and that you will follow the growth and development of the puppies in your litter on the Puppy Parents page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. We hope that your experience buying a puppy from Boreal Puppies is a fun and stress-free process. Buying one of our puppies means you are afforded a lifetime of Breeder support.

Health Guarantee

1.    Typically, puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. We will not, under any circumstances, let the puppy leave before it is ready. Puppies are not normally held past the puppy pick-up date but we retain the right to change puppy pick-up day based on the needs of the litter. On an approval only basis this can be delayed if full payment has been provided at puppy selection day, and with an additional charge for care. 

2.    The puppy will have been vet-checked and deemed in good health at the time of sale. The puppy will be up-to-date on deworming and vaccinations at the time of its pick up. A vaccine booklet and approval of good health from our veterinarian will be provided with the puppy.

3.    The Buyer, at his or her own expense, unless using the Free Health Exam Certificate provided by the Breeder, should have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the puppy.

4.    The Breeder will disclose any known health issues prior to the day of sale in writing.

5.    5 Day Wellness Guarantee Period: Our puppies are vet checked prior to going to their new homes. If within 5 business days of leaving Boreal Puppies, a different licensed veterinarian finds the puppy to be unhealthy or unfit for sale, the puppy may be returned for a full refund, provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected. The veterinarian must provide a written statement deeming the puppy “unhealthy for purchase”. If this is the case the puppy must be returned to the Breeder within 5 days. Documentation of this visit and any findings must be provided to the Breeder, which will be forwarded to our own veterinarian within these 5 business days.

6.    4 Month Puppy Protection Period: The Buyer understands and agrees to continue to provide the necessary deworming and vaccinations the puppy needs to stay healthy. This is very important. The Buyer agrees to avoid public places and interactions with unvaccinated animals prior to the puppy’s completion of their protective vaccines/dewormings. Protecting the puppy for an additional 8 weeks is very important. If the Buyer fails to provide required immunizations and necessary medical treatment this health guarantee will be void.

7.    2 Year Guarantee Period: The Breeder gives a two year guarantee against any hip dysplasia or congenital defects of the puppy diagnosed within 24 months not deemed to be environmental that is life threatening or greatly diminishes the dog’s quality of life. The Buyer’s veterinarian must submit examination findings to the Breeder and the Breeder’s veterinarian. If this should occur then the Buyer will have options:

     a.    A replacement puppy of the same breed when there is one available.

     b.    Monetary reimbursement up to the purchase price of the puppy/dog for veterinary expenses related to the treatment (does not include reimbursement for food). Paid veterinarian bills to be provided by Buyer to the Breeder, (said refund to be paid no later than the next subsequent litter bred by Breeder, at Breeder’s discretion).

8.    Conditions not covered by this guarantee: any health issues caused by neglect or injury from the Buyer. Also not covered are minor illnesses and health issues such as Dehydration, Diarrhea, Hypoglycemia, Coccidia, Kennel Cough, Internal and External Parasites, Giardia, Fungal Infections, ingestion of foreign or toxic substances, cancers, or issues related to over-exercise, or any condition that can be corrected by veterinarian treatment and any other preventable conditions are not covered. The Breeder assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses incurred after the sale. 

9.    The Breeder assumes no responsibility for training difficulties or behaviour problems after the Buyer assumes care of the puppy. The Buyer acknowledges that the puppy requires the commitment of consistent training. The Buyer will have access to resources on how to train their new puppy. Links to training classes/webinars are provided on our website. The Breeder remains a resource for training related questions.

10.    The Breeder does not guarantee adult dog size or colour. We will estimate the size range based on the parents’ weights as well as puppies of any past litters. We can only provide an educated guess as to puppy’s full adult size. Colour of the dog's coat and markings can also change as they mature.

11.    The puppy is sold on a strict non-breeding contract, unless discussed and approved by the Breeder. This puppy is sold as a PET COMPANION only. The Breeder provides no guarantee of fertility or show qualities. If breeding occurs, the Breeder has the right to resume ownership of the dog as well as the puppies as the Buyer is acting in breech of this contract. IF you plan on breeding your dog, we would encourage transparency so we can assist you through the process. Breeding rights available to approved individuals or programs.

12.    If the Buyer is unable to keep the puppy for no fault of its own, he or she must agree to return the puppy to Boreal Puppies or assist in finding a suitable alternative. The puppy is not to go to an animal shelter. The puppy is not to be sold or placed in another home unless approved by the Breeder. See next point IF the original buyer finds a suitable new home for the puppy.

        If puppy is returned within the first 30 days, half of the rehoming price will be refunded after the puppy has been placed in its new home. The other half will be retained to cover the cost of vaccinating, deworming, and training the puppy until it is placed in its new home. After 30 days there is no refund provided. However, the agreement of returning the puppy to the breeder or finding a suitable alternative with the agreement of the breeder is still an obligation as part of this contract. If the puppy found to be resold without consent of the Breeder, the original owner is liable for $5000 to the Breeder.

13.    This contract is not transferable, but a new contract will be arranged with a new family when the puppy is re-homed.

This contract will be signed and dated by both the Seller and the Breeder at the time of sale. A copy will be provided to the Buyer in the puppy folder.

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