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About Boreal Puppies

A Family-centered approach to breeding


At Boreal Puppies, your puppy will be born into the loving home of a small family breeder. He or she will be socialized with other dogs, people, and children. We work closely with our puppies each day. As a result they are resilient, cooperative, confident, calm, responsive puppies. They bond easily with people and are happy companions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce well-tempered, socialized, and confident puppies who will adjust easily to their new environment. Our mission is to be a reliable, high-valued breeder of quality dogs that make people's lives better. We operate very honestly and ethically in our practices and principles. We also aspire to one day produce puppies suitable for being service or therapy dogs. 

Boreal Puppies
Boreal Puppies
Boreal Puppies
hearts and paws

Committed to giving your puppy the Best Start!

Parent dogs are chosen based on temperament and health

All of our parent dogs come from healthy lines. They are genetically tested through Embark as well as have to pass other health testing (OFAs) to make sure they are high-quality breeding dogs. Above all else, our dogs have excellent temperaments. They are all used to children and are very affectionate dogs. Click below to meet our parent dogs and view their health testing.

We follow the puppy curriculum and breeding philosophies of Jeanette Forrey's Badass Breeder. This is a very thorough and passionate way of raising puppies to give each and every pup a voice in finding their human forever home. We believe puppies should not be chosen based only on their physical features but on their capacity to be a good match with their family. Our puppies will be raised with close human contact. They will have Early Neurological Stimulation, which are techniques that have been proven to improve heart-health, immune function, adaptability, and tolerance to stress. Early Scent Introduction is practiced to enhance their ability to recognize and differentiate smells. This helps us identify which puppies have an aptitude for further specific scent training such as diabetes alert assistance.


Learn more about Jeanette's Badass Breeder Way and how it was created by clicking HERE.

Click below to learn more about how we raise our puppies at Boreal Puppies!

Meet theTeam

goldendoodle puppy


Business owner

Doggy and kid Mamma

Labourer of GREAT love!

goldendoodle daddy


Doggy and kid Papa

Hubby Workforce

merle goldendoodle


Oldest kiddo

Wonderful, caring, hardworking assistant

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