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Meet Our Boys

Prince Charlot

Sir Montgomery

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
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"Mon Beau Charlot" (pronounced Charlo) is our stunning red parti stud. He is a pure-bred standard poodle. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate. He'll come rest his head in your lap because he knows he'll get a little scratch under his chin. Or he''ll forget his size and sit right on my lap! He is just an incredible addition to our family.

Genetics: ee, BB, KbKy, atat, SpSp, Clear

8/10 Red Intensity

OFA: Elbow Normal, Hips GOOD

Weight: 24" & 55lb

Available for stud services for accepted programs.

Charlot's Stud fee: $1500

Sir Montgomery or "Mojo", as his wonderful guardian family calls him, is an extremely loving, tiny, yet mighty F1bb Goldendoodle. He came to Sudbury all the way from Alabama. He is a spectacular boy, both with an amazing personality as well as coat colour. We can't wait to see all of the amazing colour puppies in early 2024. He has now passed his health testing with flying colours. 

Genetics: ee, Bb, KbKy, atat, SSp, FF, +/-,  Clear

9/10 Red Intensity (likely Rufus), and Irish Spotting, 14% GR

OFA Prelims: Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows

Anticipated Weight: 19lb

Available for stud services for accepted programs.

Mojo's Stud fee: $2500

Lord Dorian

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale

We are very excited to announce that Dorian, an F1b goldendoodle puppy from Melody and Oliver's litter will be retained as a Boreal Puppies' stud, pending passing health testing.

Genetics: ee, Bb, KbKb, SS

9/10 Red Intensity

FI, +/-

OFA: Not yet tested

Weight: 55lbs

In Memory of


"Syd the kid" was our original F1b Goldendoodle that purred when he was scratched and rubbed. Have you ever heard a dog purr?

Sydney was our old fellah. His age had helped me remember what anniversary we were at because we got him just after our wedding. He was our very handsome F1b Goldendoodle. He was the most amazing dog and one of the inspirations behind the program. We are so enamored with the goldendoodle breed that we wanted to help others attain as much enjoyment from their family companion as we have.

Sydney recently passed away in April 2023.
He will forever be in our hearts.

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
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