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Is Boreal Puppies the right breeder for you?

We are dedicated, caring, passionate, and professional. Here is what you can expect on your journey with Boreal Puppies.......

Your journey includes:

  • Access to lots of photos and resources, new-puppy and pick-up information
  • Badass Breeder puppy curriculum: age appropriate training for your puppy to help develop and create a confident puppy that is comfortable with human interaction. 
  • Invitation to join the Boreal Puppies Litters Facebook page. This will have weekly "pupdates" which are photos/video updates of the litter's growth and development as well as progress through BaB curriculum.
  • Go home puppy packs (includes and info folder, blanket, toys, collar, etc.)
  • Puppies vet checked with first vaccine and up-to-date deworming
    • Puppy Health Passports provided with vet contact information.​
  • Growth and development records from birth.
  • 4 week free pet insurance with Trupanion
  • Coupon for TLC Puppy Food Trial
  • Coupon for discount at Baxter and Bella's  Training
  • Videos of Temperament testing week 7
  • Puppy picks week 7 (30 min scheduled in-person or video chat with Breeder and puppies for you to choose)
  • A head start on potty training and crate training; a learned puppy recall command.
  • Lifetime breeding support
  • 2-year genetic health guarantee* (see breeder for details)
  • Invitation to join Boreal Puppies Family Facebook group for a sense of community.

Why buy a puppy from a professional breeder?

Buying a puppy from a professional breeder, and not a backyard breeder or puppy mill actually works to reduce dog populations in shelters. How does that work, you may ask? For a few reasons.
  • If provided a good foundation, such as with BAB philosophies, puppies are compliant and easy to train. Behavioural issues that tend to make owners leave their dogs in shelters are less likely.
  • Because we care about our puppies for their entire lifetime. We will always take back our dogs and/ or assist in the rehoming process. In fact, this is part of our contract, to notify Boreal Puppies if the puppy/dog has to be rehomed.
  • Parent dogs are health-tested, well cared for, receive all necessary veterinarian care, and are fed high quality food. Our puppies are less likely to have health problems compared to puppies from dogs who have not had testing, etc. Thus, they are not dropped off at shelters for health-related issues (and in turn, hopefully if a health-issue arises clients will make us aware.) 
  • Also, our parent dogs, when retired from the breeding program, will never end-up in a shelter.
Now, imagine a world where most puppies came from reputable, ethical, professional breeders and not from puppy mills or backyard breeders. Would this not lead to a reduction in dogs landing in shelters?
There are many other reasons why choosing to buy a puppy from a professional breeder is a good choice. Please scroll up and see again what is included. An important point is that puppies are sold with a contract. We care what homes our puppies go to. We care about each and every one of them.
Lastly, we care about each and every one of our client families as well and will support you through your journey of owning one of our dogs.

Our price reflects the hard work we put in to our program and the quality of puppies that results from hours of curriculum, close human contact, and well-cared for and health-tested parent dogs.

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