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  • Where are we located?
    30min north of Sudbury, Ontario.
  • Are you able to come visit the puppies or see them grow?
    Boreal Puppies will have a facebook page set-up with occasional updates. However, once you have been chosen to be a puppy parent and you have provided the reservation fee, you will have access to the puppy parent page. There will be frequent updates, pictures, and videos posted of all of the puppies so you can become acquainted with every one of them. On week 7, evaluation videos will be posted. Visiting via facetime or other similar platforms are available. We will allow in-person visits after the puppies are 6 weeks of age.
  • How do you choose your puppy?
    Our philosophy is to give every puppy a voice. Puppies will have their temperament evaluated at 7 weeks of age. You will be provided access to videos and a written summary of the evaluation for all of the puppies in the litter. This will describe the observed behaviours and and personality traits from the evaluation. Puppy picks happen in order of reservation fee received when you are confirmed on the litter waiting list. If you are on the bottom of the list and feel you will not get a puppy you are happy with, you will have the choice to be placed on the next litter list. We strongly feel, however, that all of our puppies will have attractive personalities, due to the Badass Breeder curriculum we follow and the inheritable traits of our parent dogs. We strive for each family to have the puppy that best meets their unique needs and is best suited for them. After the evaluation videos are posted you will have a scheduled virtual or in-person meeting time with me to answer any questions and discuss your choice of puppy. Please plan ahead knowing week 7 will be quite busy.
  • What is included in the puppy packs?
    Puppy Packs Folder with important documentation and information Contract of sale Information for period of free puppy insurance Veterinary health and vaccine booklet Training tips and tricks Trupanion Pet Insurance registration information Blanket with mom’s scent A small collar A toy A stuffed toy with a heartbeat Poop bags A bag of food TLC and a TLC package A few pee pads
  • Can our puppies be flown?
    Ground transportation can be arranged by families, however, it needs to be approved by Boreal Puppies and deemed as safe and secure prior to final sale of puppy. Moderate distance delivery by Boreal Puppies can be arranged at an additional cost. Transportation is a case-by-case discussion. Please reach out to discuss what can be arranged.
Cute Puppy

Boreal Puppies

Sudbury, Ontario
Jillian Smythe
705 923-2303

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
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