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Boreal Puppies

is committed to raising our puppies the....

Badass Breeder Way

BAB Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Badass Breeder

What is the Badass Breeder way, you may ask?

This philosophy of breeding and raising puppies has many principles, and an oath of conduct which elevates the breeding practice (refer to picture at the bottom of this page). Breeding and raising puppies is HARD work when it is done right. It requires a lot of love, time, money, and commitment. 

The Badass Breeder way "empowers puppies to believe in their own abilities." Our puppies are raised with a curriculum that starts in the first week and continues as puppies develop. We hold puppies close to our hearts and faces to learn from early on to trust humans, to become accustomed to human handling, and comfortable with new people. At correct developmental stages puppies receive exposure to new sounds, tactile objects, spaces, handling (i.e. nail clipping, grooming, etc.) and people to empower them in their development of confidence and curiosity, rather than enable fear, shock, and avoidance. 

Early-on puppies are started on potty training and a "puppy" recall which facilitates return to their owner in dangerous situations. They are also started on crate training.

"Badass" Puppies tend to be confident, compliant, easy to train, and adjust easily to new environments and new people.

In addition to these qualities, we recognize that just like human children, not all puppies are the same. They have their own unique personality traits and energy levels. They are not all suited for every environment. Consider a high-energy puppy for a quiet retired couple. This may not be the best fit for either one.

We are proud to give our puppies a voice. We do not sell our puppies early in their life based on colour and coat. We honour our puppies by testing their temperament at 7 weeks (when traits become more permanent). Then we are able to present puppies to potential owners and describe their personality traits so we can facilitate the most suitable match. Remember when families used to play with a litter of puppies before choosing which one they liked best? Historically we have never chosen our 'perfect puppy' by picture only. We
met them, played with them, and actually assessed their behaviour and responses before choosing which one to take home. We are going back to the basics; honouring our puppies and families by finding the best fit.


This is what makes a Badass Breeder and PUPPIES exactly that.........


So, if you'd like to choose a puppy at 7 weeks based on their personality traits and suitability to you and your family, you have chosen the right breeder. We are thrilled to invite you along in this exciting journey with Boreal Puppies.

Please apply here for a puppy.

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale
Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale

“Badass Breeder lays the foundation to creating touch tolerant dogs with neonatal gentle touch that is respectful and feels good. Ensuring that pups are not away from mom long is key. Gentle handling can be done in the whelping box with mama too. Every day, puppies are also held close to our face and heart. There is something so innate and pure at letting your souls merge as one as you melt into each other. The foundation BaB’s build is one reason why so many of us produce so many working dogs as well as reliable family companions. Ensuring all puppies know the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly is so important to setting them up for success!”

– Jeanette Forrey

For more information about Jeanette Forey and the Badass Breeder Way click HERE.

Badass Breeder. Boreal Puppies. Sudbury Ontario
Badass Breeder Oath. BAB. Boreal Puppies. Sudbury Ontario
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