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Boreal Puppies

Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home and
why are they important?

    A guardianship is where our breeding dogs live with other families or individuals as a forever home but return to us for breeding.  Guardian dogs are chosen specially by Boreal Puppies based on their physical structure, genetic traits, temperament, and suitability for our program. They may come from our own lines or from other reputable breeders.


    We DO NOT believe dogs should live in kennels. We feel they will have a better quality of life being the center of someone else's world. We believe they should live with families or with individuals who can give them one-on-one love, training, exercise, and attention that they deserve. Placing our dogs in their forever homes early means our breeding dogs live very full and rich lives for their entire lifetime with their guardian families. 

    Females will have 3 litters (depending on many factors we consider) with flexibility for a 4th and then retire from the program. They will come to us for a week in order to have their honeymoon, and then 1 week before their due date. They will stay 5-6 weeks or so until the puppies are safely weaned. We have other dogs in our home that can continue the socialization process with puppies. In order to maintain good relationships with our guardian families, the timing of litters can be flexible.


    Males will be used for breeding until the age of 7 and will only be required for short stays or visits with us 4-6 times a year.


    Our Guardian Dogs are placed with Guardians, after an application and interview process, as a forever home, free of charge. Guardians will also receive a small financial incentive to participate in our program.

Current Guardian Home Opportunities

We currently have 1 guardian home opportunities.

Boreal Puppies Goldendoodles Sudbury Ontario Puppies for sale

Charlot, Small Standard Poodle
(don't pronounce the 't')

Charlot, is our standard poodle, 55lbs. He is 3 years old. Charlot is a very docile boy, and quite the couch potato. You will often see him sleeping on his back without a care in the world. He loves to run free and go for long hikes. He is very friendly.

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