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Responsible and Ethical
Goldendoodle Breeder

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


"From our home and hearts to yours!"

Welcome to Boreal Puppies

  We at Boreal Puppies are very proud of our breeding philosophies and invite you to come along for the journey of your puppy's first few weeks of life. Your puppy will be born into the loving home of a small family breeder. No kennels; just couches!

   My name is Jillian and I am a wife, mother of three beautiful children and 3 spectacular dogs, Luna, Charlot, and Melody. Our dogs are important members of our family. We are so in love with these breeds that we would like to share with others the power these dogs have to spread joy and transform lives.

   We prioritize the health of our parent dogs and feel it is important for them to live active, happy, and spoiled lives. They accompany us on hikes, camping trips, car rides, and sit at our feet while we work and relax. They are well-trained, with our hope to obtain the Canine Good Citizen Certification. They are also health tested with genetic testing, as well as OFA hip, elbow,  patella scans, & cardiac exams.

   Our goal is to create easy-going and cuddly puppies with great temperaments. We want your dog to enjoy activities such as playing fetch, hiking, and swimming with the family but also love to keep your feet warm during movie nights and while doing homework. They are the perfect blend of active, to keep up with your family, and loving couch potatoes. 


    What are you looking for in a dog? A family companion? Someone to keep you active for walks or hikes? An emotional support animal? A service dog? These are all great reasons. We can help you find the right puppy that fits perfectly into your life. We temperament test each of our puppies on a series of personality traits such as motivation to learn, human focus, confidence, energy level, touch tolerance, and tender heartedness so we can assist you to find the right match. 

   At Boreal Puppies we want to exceed your expectations as a dog breeder by continually raising the bar. We prioritize the health of our parent dogs; raise empowered puppies through curriculum work and temperament testing; and we honour our puppy families with constant communication and assistance in finding the best match. We are lifetime support for our puppy families. We are extremely proud of our commitment to our puppies and families.


Join the BP Pack!

Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Goldendoodles
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada

Considering getting a Boreal Puppy but you may not be completely ready yet? Would you like to learn more information and stay updated on upcoming litters? Join the pack and join our mailing list. Please make sure you check your junk mail for our welcome email as it often finds its way there.

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What some of our clients say....

Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada
Goldendoodle Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario Canada

"To Jillian at Boreal Puppies,


Kathy and I want to thank you for being who you are and what you do.  There are lots of breeding kennels out there, but what you have created in your home is something special and we understood that right away.  We were impressed with your attention to detail and concern about every aspect of us becoming parents to little puppy Copper (Avalanche).  A big thing is that they are clearly loved and brought into a family straight away.  And the time you take to introduce them to touch, smell, texture, sound really shows, as we have only had him a few days - already he's become relaxed and attentive to his new home.  We have had dogs in our life forever, and missed their companionship and love.  You've given us that through Copper and we deeply appreciate that, perhaps more than you might know. 

Big thanks....Kathy and Tim Dyer"

October 25, 2023

    "We absolutely recommend! Jillian was such a delight to work with! She does an amazing job making sure the pups are well taken care of, socialized and introduced to various things early on! She  takes pride in making sure you get the right fit for you with temperament testing, video chats, in-person visits, etc! She sent us on our way prepped for our new adventure with an information package, food, treats, poop bags, a collar, a great puzzle for metal stimulation and more! Thank you so much Jillian! - Hunter, Jeremy, and Zeus!"

Hunter Haskins, October 9th, 2022

Puppy companion. Goldendoodle. Parti poodle. Sudbury. Ontario
Boreal Puppies Sudbury Ontario
Boreal Puppies Sudbury ON Goldendoodle
Lola goldendoodle

Boreal Puppies

Sudbury, Ontario
Jillian Smythe
705 923-2303

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